Month: April 2011

99% of personal trainers would be out of business in less than one month for one reason only…

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Here’s the good news. You are an independent contractor and have been successfully running your own show for a few years. You don’t have a studio yet but you do have enough clients to keep you as busy as you want to be and earning enough money to meet your financial commitments. Two months ago […]

Personal Trainer or Glorified Baby-Sitter?

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Doug enters the gym to meet his personal trainer Steve for their twice weekly session. Doug has been training with Steve for over two months. He comes early to get warmed up and to be ready for when Steve arrives. Steve is typically a few minutes late to each session because he travels across to […]

On-Track, Off-Track – It’s a matter of choice

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Travelling tests even the most devout exerciser to stay on track with eating and exercise. I start planning my trip weeks before getting to the airport. I find out if the hotel has a gym or one close by. I decide if I need to bring my yoga mat. I find out if there’s a […]