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The next Olympic sport – You won’t believe it when you hear it

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A new Olympic sport has been brought to the attention of the Olympic organizing committee and is being seriously considered for the next summer Olympic Games. The sport has definitely caught the attention of many groups some of which support the bid and a few that are outraged it’s even being considered. The official announcement […]

Jessies’ Story

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If you’ve ever been brave enough to venture off the beaten path to a developing country, then you will be able to appreciate the experience I’m having while spending six weeks in El Salvador. El Salvador is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. It shares the Pacific coastline of the […]

It’s your attitude that’s the problem – The power of attitude and how to change it to achieve success

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Shit! I’m late! These were the first words Dan uttered as be stumbled out of bed having overslept for a very important meeting. On his way to the bathroom he stubbed his toe and uttered a few more profanities. He dressed quickly ignoring that his shirt had far too many wrinkles to be considered appropriate […]