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Are you really helping your clients where it counts?

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Are you counting reps or are you helping your clients with what really counts in their life? This question came to me when I was having dinner with Susana Abreu, co-owner of On The Edge Fitness Educators. We were discussing the future of the fitness industry and personal trainers in particular and wondered if personal […]

The Advantages of One-On-One Learning

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Did you ever take a class in high school, college or university and felt frustrated and anxious because you did not feel like you could keep up with the material? Have you ever been to a group fitness class and felt completely lost and embarrassed to ask questions? You are not alone. At On The […]

What do you do when a personal trainer comes up to you and says you are doing something wrong

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I was asked this question by one of my students just recently. He attended an On The Edge BOSU conditioning workshop and was working with his friend practicing some of the exercises. His friend was standing on the BOSU while he did partner taps when a trainer ran over and told him that he should […]

Points to Consider When Analyzing Exercises

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As a personal trainer you develop the ability to break down exercises, to analyze form and technique in order to ensure that clients move and lift properly. It’s an aptitude that all trainers need to develop. Knowing what an exercise looks like when done correctly and what to look for when it all goes wrong […]