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Start your program today become a Certified BCRPA or ACE Personal Trainer in less then four months

Welcome to our Private Training Academy For Personal Trainers where we develop your passion and enthusiasm for fitness and help you become a Personal Trainer.

On The Edge is a  private school that trains trainers one-on-one.  Working with students in this way allows us to customize the learning experience based on the students background, experience and passion for fitness. Each student is encouraged to go at their own pace, ask questions and receive feedback on their progress and performance right away. No large groups to worry about. The course focusses just on you.

We offer flexibility in scheduling classes so you can book your classes around your family life, work schedule and other commitments. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are stay-at-home moms, avid gym goers, recreational and professional athletes or people transitioning from another career.

You don’t need a science background to be successful in the program. You just need passion and enthusiasm for exercise and the desire to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle. We teach you the rest!

Once students graduate the program we assint in job placement or provide business coaching on how to start your own personal training business. On The Edge is truly a one-stop shop. We take the time to educate, train and mentor each student and then help place our students with great companies that will continue to nurture their growth in the fitness industry.

Here are a few reasons why private instruction to become a personal trainer might be right for you.

  • Our certification specialists have over 22 years experience in the fitness industry.
  • Classes move at your pace so you feel confident learning the material. You set the pace and are free to ask as many questions as you need.
  • Your classes are taught in a style that works best for you.
  • Classes are scheduled to suit your lifestyle and busy schedule giving you tremendous flexibility and the ability to still work or spend time with your family.
  • We help you find a job or start your own personal training business so you get all the guidance, support and mentorship you need to become a professional personal trainer and start working in the industry quickly.

We have a flexible no interest payment plan. You can take up to 6 months to pay. Tuition includes your textbooks, workbook,  exam preparation package and more importantly your instructors full and undivided attention.

Call or email now to be one of only 60 Students a year that we take a year into the program.

778.231.7410 or email

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand the program better.

How much does it cost?

We are not the McDonalds of fitness education and we don’t believe in pumping trainers through our system, or learning how to become a trainer online or offer classes of 30 students. We are all about quality of education, customization, flexibility and training you one-on-one. We offer package options to suit a variety of budgets. Plus it’s no problem to pay in instalments which allows you to spread your payments out.

When can I start?

You can start any time however our program is in high demand. We only enroll 5 students a month and seats fill up by the 15th of each month. Classes are arranged around your schedule. Students come to class 2-3x a week for 60-90 minute sessions. The schedule is very flexible so you can arrange times and days to suit your availabillity.

How long does the whole program take?

The approximate length of the program is approximately 3 months and depends on the number of times per week you attend classes.

When I finish the course will I be a certified personal trainer?

Yes, when you complete the Ultimate Personal Training CourseTM you will be an Internationally Certified Personal Trainer means you will be able to work throughout Canada, the United States and abroad. You will be able to work at fitness facilities, private personal studios, community centers or ready to start your own business.

Are there jobs for me as a personal trainer when I finish the program?

Yes, the fitness industry is still growing and there are plenty of opportunities for employment. We will help you with your resume, cover letter, interview skills and work with you to find the right job. Or, if you like we can assist you in starting your own business.

What makes On The Edge Fitness different from other schools?

On The Edge is the one of the a private school and trains students one-on-one. We’ve created the Ultimate Personal Training Program TM which combines not only the highest standards set in the industry today but have added knowledge that today’s trainer is expected to have all wrapped into one course and included in your tuition. When you complete our program you will be both nationally and international recognized as a Personal Trainer.

Email for more information.

No Interest Payment Plan

If you are not sure if you will be able to afford such a great course don’t worry we have it covered. You have the option of paying the tuition installments of 4-5 or 6 equal payments with no interest making it affordable for even the most modest budget.

So what’s the investment in your future as a Personal Trainer?

We would be glad to tell you so pick up the phone now and call 604.998.3379 and we will review the program and how you can make your dream of becoming a personal trainer and helping others become a reality right now.


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