Points to Consider When Analyzing Exercises

As a personal trainer you develop the ability to break down exercises, to analyze form and technique in order to ensure that clients move and lift properly. It’s an aptitude that all trainers need to develop. Knowing what an exercise looks like when done correctly and what to look for when it all goes wrong and be able to correct it is the job of a competent personal trainer. But that’s just the starting point. To take things further in your knowledge of movement analysis you need to understand the issues around common muscle imbalances and how they play a key role in muscle compensation. As well as learn the concepts behind myofascial and muscular chains, muscle slings and trigger points which can greatly assist you with your program design. You will gain much insight during taking your ability to analyze movement and exercise another step further.

If this sounds interesting and you want to learn more about these concepts come join me and Susana Abreu on Sunday, May 27th at 9:00am, where we will cover these topics. We will take you through the analysis of three primal movement patterns and apply what you’ve learned during the session.