What will you do differently in 2013?

I don’t know why but the end of the year always make me feel like reflecting on the year gone past. I like to look back and ask myself, what did I learn this year and what will I do differently next year? Each year brings new opportunities and I’m full of hope for the future. This year was a huge growth year both personally and professionally. Without getting into detail, it was a year where comfort zones were pushed and expanded.  It’s never an easy place to be in your life when you make changes and have to grow with them. It can be scary, uncomfortable and someone exhilirating all at the same time.

A year of growth and transition really shows you what living life is all about. It can teach you who you are as a person. It can affirm your core values or shake them to the foundation. This growth had me thinking about what I would like to do differently for 2013? What changes do I want to see happen in my life moving forward? What things in my life are fantastic that I don’t want to change at all? I think these are important questions for anyone to ask themselves. Since we are supposed to be the masters of our own fate and the creators of our own destiny, I believe we should reflect on questions such as these. They may help us in planning our  future and point us in the right direction.

So take sometime over the holiday season and think about these questions. Reflect on all the good that has happened in your life over the last year. Look for the lessons and think about the challenges you faced and overcame. Of if you are still facing challenges, what will you do differently so you can find peace, balance and harmony for yourself.

One lesson that I learned and that I needed to learn was to surround myself with good people. A strong support network of friends and family goes along way especially when you are faced with life’s ups and downs. If you have tremendous people in your life who support you no matter how crazy life gets for you or how many nutso decisions you make then hold onto them tightly. These are rare gems in the world and they need to be nurtured, cared for and appreciated. We all need support. No one person can stand alone and expect to be strong. This is one of the most valuable lessons I learned this year.

I will undoubtedly discover more as I take the time to reflect. I hope you will too.